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About Mistress Fae

Mistress Fae kneeling on a spanking bench

My name is Fae, but a lucky few get to call me Mistress. As a professional dominatrix & kinky companion based in NYC, I harness my natural dominance to transport my submissive lovers to another realm.

When we're in the dungeon or simply out on a date, I weave together irresistible experiences that tap into our shared impulses. While my personality is outspoken, empathetic, and passionate, when we're together my sensual side emerges.

My favorite play partners are open-minded and responsive. You'll learn to recognize the primal glint in my eye that surfaces when I’m enjoying myself.

Whether I'm inflicting exquisite pain, immersing us both in an elaborate roleplay, or unearthing your hidden desires over dinner, there's no mistaking who's in control. You belong to me, and you'll savor every moment.

With that being said, I don’t enjoy acting arbitrarily mean or abusive. I never shout to prove a point. Although not everything needs to be whips & chains, if you have no desire to be topped then I’m not the right provider for you.

I do not offer sessions involving raceplay, switching, humiliating sissification, or unsafe contact.

As a queer/polyamorous/kinky woman, I practice risk-aware consensual kink and firmly believe in listening with an open mind and without judgment. I actively welcome clients of all genders, sexual orientations, racial backgrounds, and physical abilities.

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My love of this vocation is rooted in a deep empathy. As a former overworked tech industry professional,  nothing brings me more joy than helping others escape the pressure of their everyday lives. I find it deeply gratifying to watch someone let go of their stress and tension, and leave feeling lighter than when they arrived.

On dates, I'm fond of exploring more casual, intimate exchanges. I want to unearth the roots of your desires and understand what makes you tick. I enjoy starting a date over a glass of wine at a quiet bar where we can connect intellectually and relax into each other's presence.

Some of the most enjoyable dates I've been on have involved elements of hypnosis, bondage, and sensory deprivation. When I take control of our pleasure, it's deeply intuitive and sensual.

In the dungeon, I'm eclectic but gravitate towards a few types of scenes. Roleplay scenarios involving a plot and a power exchange are where I shine the most. I've been told I play a compelling evil secretary, rebellious hacker, and manipulative girl next door. Even when exploring classic tropes, I engage from a point of realism: as a nurse, I show up in scrubs with a printed chart, not a cheesy Halloween costume. You won't see my perversions emerge until I'm certain you're immersed in the fantasy.

Strict, high protocol scenes involving corporal punishment are another favorite. I want to see you turn off your mind, relinquish control, and allow me to fully take charge. As a longtime lifestyle player, I'm adept in the arts of impact, bondage, and sensation play.

I’m highly selective about who I choose to spend my time with, and I genuinely enjoy the company I keep as a result.

"I have booked numerous domination sessions over the years and in multiple countries, and this was the best role play session I have had. Ever."
Sub C
"I have been playing for close to 20 years yet you are the one I cannot stop thinking about. You haunt my dreams at night. I crave falling into subspace for you."
Sub L
"The atmosphere you created with your words and touch made my surrender total. I felt helpless in your hands (no pun intended) and as close to losing my ego as I have ever felt before."
Sub H
"How can You be so very perfect? You have this perfect balance of predator and instilling fear, yet simultaneously making me feel You'd never hurt me in a way that was negative or detrimental. It's spellbinding."
Sub S
You make me feel seen in a way I've never been seen before.


I offer two distinct experiences: classical domination in a dungeon with an erotic BDSM focus, and a softer, more intimate kinky date girlfriend experience.