Mistress Fae
NYC dominatrix
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While the services I offer are entirely consensual (for both myself and those I play with), I’m sensitive to the fact that BDSM/fetish activities are unfortunately often stigmatized. Many of my submissives require a high degree of discretion. I take privacy & security very seriously in order to protect you and your reputation.

  • Any identifiable pieces of information (i.e. real names) are securely deleted after verification
  • Communication only happens within established boundaries
    (no unexpected calls/texts, no embarrassing email notifications, discreet language when needed)
  • Your information is never shared without permission
    (e.g. I’ll provide a reference to another independent domme, but only after obtaining your consent)
  • Online interactions are conducted over a secure anonymized VPN
  • Emails are sent from my encrypted ProtonMail account – if you also use a ProtonMail account, our full exchange will be encrypted
  • Booking form submissions are securely PGP-encrypted before being submitted
  • Text/calls are available via Signal or Telegram
  • For bitcoin transactions, I use a one-time-use fully anonymized wallet to limit traceability
  • My digital payment methods (e.g. Cashapp/Venmo) are never posted publicly, so they’re not searchable

Additional security measures are available upon request. Please email me to inquire.