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Avoiding facial recognition

Get my latest articles in your inbox by subscribing to my Substack As someone with a background in the tech industry, I regularly field a lot of privacy & security questions from other sex workers. Lately, one subject that’s come up with repeated urgency is about avoiding facial recognition. The same technology that unlocks our...

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Digital security

Buckle up, babes: it’s time for this quarter’s tech rant. Today’s subject is digital security, aka how to not get hacked. Grab some coffee and set aside an hour, because this one is interactive. As sex workers, we’re targeted by scammers, hackers, and vindictive clients more often than our vanilla counterparts. When our accounts are...

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SEO 101

This article is adapted from a talk given by Mistress Fae at an event for NYC sex workers and kink professionals in spring 2021, and was published in the print edition of Petit Mort Magazine in Fall 2021. What is SEO, and why should I care? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, the process of...

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Digital discrimination

THIS ARTICLE APPEARED IN THE PRINT EDITION OF PETIT MORT MAGAZINE, VOL 2 (SUMMER 2021). 1. “Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by ignorance.” The last time Instagram changed their terms of use, I muttered this quote to myself repeatedly. These words have become a mantra, a thin salve over a wound...

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