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Weekend reading

I want to say I did hot things this weekend but I really spent most of it sitting in bed drinking coffee & reading the latest Becky Chambers novel. She’s a queer sci-fi author and a Hugo award winner (one of the highest awards for science fiction).

I love her work because her extrapolation focuses more on social advancements than technological, and the tone leans more optimistic than apocalyptic. What if your species had a tradition of choosing their own gender? What if poly relationships and nontraditional family structures were normal? What if cultural sensitivity was considered a baseline form of respect, and humans were the ones being shamed for their ignorance? It’s an interesting thought experiment to view this through a lens of alien cultures very unlike our own. Our human biases are thoughtfully deconstructed and stand in stark contrast to these alien ideals.

My love for escaping into these captivating fantasy worlds is perhaps what fuels my passion for incorporating roleplay into my work. The ability to slip into a different role, even for a brief moment, allows us to shed our preconceived notions and biases. It’s a delightful experimental exercise, making room for open-mindedness and empathy, and it’s a form of self-exploration that feels not just freeing but fun.

What worlds would you escape to, if you had the chance?