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NYC dominatrix
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If you spark my interest, I’ll consider it. Not everything needs to be whips and chains; genuine connection is more important to me.

I always prefer to play to your level of comfort. For some that means little to no kink involvement, and for others it means engaging in kinky activities but without a D/s power exchange. Unless we’re in a dungeon, I don’t expect you to call me Mistress.

That being said, I’m not someone with a submissive personality. I’m charming and warm in person but have never been described as demure, timid, or obedient. Please set your expectations accordingly.

I don’t switch or bottom with new clients, and requests for this will result in an immediate block.

I love working with people who are new to the BDSM/kink scene, or who are simply eager to explore something different. We’ll discuss your likes, dislikes, and hard limits, and I’m very careful to avoid leaving marks when that’s requested. If you’re nervous and want an extended consultation, contact me and we can set up a tributed phone call, video call, or detailed email exchange to discuss. I’d also recommend reading this excellent guide for new subs by Daddy An Li.

If you don’t have references, you’re welcome to screen by verifying your identity. Screening a standard practice; it’s used to ensure my safety and is strictly non-negotiable. See my privacy policies for details on how I protect your information.

I keep a flexible schedule and only accept a limited number of appointments per week. My general hours are 10am-9pm; I apply a surcharge to appointments beginning outside those hours.

For new clients, no. All in-person sessions must be booked at least 24 hours in advance; it will take at least this long to check your references or complete my screening process. I sometimes allow same-day sessions for returning friends with at least 4 hrs notice, but I live a full and busy life so don’t assume I’m free just because you’re horny.

For domination sessions, I’ll reserve a private dungeon space in your preferred neighborhood (Manhattan or Brooklyn). For kinky dates, you’re welcome to join me at a hotel or incall space of my choosing, or I can come to you for a small travel surcharge. I’m happy to provide a shortlist of my favorite restaurants/bars for dinner dates, including discreet options off the beaten path.

For any travel outside the NYC area (Manhattan/Brooklyn/Queens), I require transportation costs on top of my standard tribute. I offer FMTY packages for those located outside NYC.

Yes. Deposits are nonrefundable and secure my time + our location. This is a standard practice for most independent pro dommes and providers. For more details on deposits including my cancellation & refund policies, look here.

Yes I do. As a queer provider, I love getting to play with other women (and yes, I firmly include trans women when I say this!). I pride myself on my ability to create a safe environment to explore your interests… and maybe discover some new ones.

Yes- coaching couples is actually where I started, and I find it very fulfilling. Whether you’re looking to be topped, want dedicated kinky assignments to amp up your time in bed, or are simply looking for someone to teach your boyfriend how to spank you properly… contact me and we’ll see if we’re a good fit.

No. I only accept lifestyle submissives with whom I’ve established a high level of trust, rapport, and comfort. It takes years to earn this privilege, and most of my lifestyle submissives still tribute for the privilege of serving me domestically. If you’re interested in a tributed lifestyle-like domination experience, you may request a paid session and explore it this way.

My general limts are:

  • Anything that could harm me- like illegal activities/blackmail, switching, or competitive wrestling
  • Anything that could majorly harm you- like acute physical injuries, extreme medical play, wrestling (I’m vicious, don’t test me)
  • Anything rooted in the belief that white people or cis men are superior- like raceplay, cop roleplays, or degrading sissification
  • Anything that could impair consent- like forced intoxication, drugs, extreme sleep deprivation

Aside from these categories, I’m very open to most kinks- no matter how obscure or taboo they might seem. Just ask. If it’s not my cup of tea, I’ll usually know an excellent person to refer you to.

My favorite scenes are ones involving roleplay scenarios, CNC themes, or where I get to strap on my favorite harness.

For more of my favorite kinks, take a look at my classical domination page. I love incorporating any of these elements into kinky dates.

I’m happy to recount some of my favorite scenes or personal fantasies if you schedule a call with me on Niteflirt.

I f*cking love obscure, niche kinks. Everyone’s kinks are very individual, and the creative breadth is part of why I enjoy doing what I do. Even if your proclivities aren’t my personal cup of tea, I certainly won’t judge you for them.

Here are the things that will quickly bump you to the top of my favorites list:

  • Send me a respectful and detailed inquiry through my secure contact form. I plan kink scenes in advance, and the more I understand about your preferences, the more thoughtful our time together will be.
  • Confirm with me a few hours before our session.
  • Let me know immediately if you feel sick or might have COVID; I’ll allow you to reschedule.
  • Bring the remainder of your tribute in cash or pay ahead in BTC, which I’ll accept before we begin our session.
  • Arrive within 10 minutes of our start time and no earlier. I’m fairly forgiving of lateness, although it may cut into our time together.
  • Refrain from wearing any heavy colognes or scents.
  • Send me a thank-you email with reflections after our session. I truly love receiving these.

Gifts always bring me joy- whether it’s a bottle of champagne, a pair of Louboutins, or a gift card for some new custom latex. Nothing makes me feel more valued than a thoughtful handwritten thank-you note with some cash tucked inside. I keep these on my mantle.

Note that gifts are not a replacement for my session fee; I can’t pay my rent in lingerie (sadly).

For my favorite gift ideas, visit my contact page.

Only for QTPOC- or femme-identifying people. If you don’t publicly identify as either of these, please don’t insult me by requesting a lower rate. My time and energy are valuable and my tributes match accordingly.

No, I’m not interested in “trade” situations; I’m already an excellent photographer, programmer, designer, carpenter, and seamstress. Thanks.

I formerly worked in the digital privacy & security industry, and I have numerous high-profile submissives who chose me due to my extensive knowledge and discretion. I’m also happy to have my lawyer furnish an customized NDA upon request.

Learn more about my privacy protocols here: PRIVACY

That depends on the scene and the location. I’ll happily drag you naked on a leash through my favorite kink party, make you fetch different boxes for me at the shoe store, or subtly spit in your drink at a restaurant. I won’t, however, engage with anything that would violate the consent of onlookers or be misconstrued as nonconsensual abuse.

I’m very adept at reading body language but still require some sort of safety system- whether it’s a word, gesture, or signal. Even in CNC scenes.

Short answer: yes, but not if you want to be humiliated for being feminine.

I deeply love doing full feminization transformations where the tone is constructive, not humiliating. Scenes like this can be very gender-affirming, and I love creating a nonjudgmental space for you to liberate and explore yourself under my guidance. I use my years of formal etiquette training to set impossibly high bars for my maids, my makeup skills to ready princesses for their photoshoots, and I’ve been known to teasingly correct awkward girls who stumble in high heels.

But if you want to be humiliated because you think that wearing a dress makes you weak, I’m not the right domme for you. I don’t view cross-dressing as taboo and I refuse to perpetuate the belief that being feminine makes you inferior.

Yes, I do. You can click through to find my OnlyFans at onlyfans.com/mistress-fae.

While I’m most active on my fan site, I’m also available on Sextpanther for dedicated chats and conversations. I love using this platform to get to know more about what makes you tick.

Please note: 

  1. I cannot discuss in-person meetings on either of these platforms since it would violate their terms. If you ask to meet me or discuss my in-person services, you’ll be blocked.
  2. These platforms are subject to the whims of payment processors, which means there are a ton of fun kinks that we also can’t discuss (e.g. stepsister roleplays, knife play, blood play, pet play, ADBL, etc). If your kinks fall into the realm of the forbidden-by-Mastercard, I’m happy to make alternative arrangements for payments/chatting if you email my assistant.

Yes. I was into the kink lifestyle a decade before I started doing this professionally, and I’m typically the top in my personal relationships. I’ve never been asked this after someone’s met me in person. 😉

If you’re looking for…
– Client references: Email me with the subject line “Reference”
– Tech consultations: Email me with the subject line “Tech consult”
– Booking a photoshoot: Email or DM me